The Process of Creating di Giacomo Rocks

Creating di Giacomo features requires a different approach than typical construction. The process involves visualization form the owner and/or design team, a maquette by the artisans at di Giacomo, and then construction by the artisans.


Every story in life requires characters and a plot. So does the story of each di Giacomo rock formation. In most cases, a designer will provide a 2-dimensional drawing to di Giacomo with basic layout, location and heights desired. Along with the drawing, the artisans at di Giacomo also require either a narrative of the space, or a meeting with the owner and design team to better understand the purpose of the story in order to carefully craft the maquette according to the story and the characters of the story. Each rock will unfold a different story based on the audience. A rock formation for toddlers generally follows a different plot than one for business men and women.



Once the design team and owner pass along 2-dimensional drawing and intent of the space to the di Giacomo team, we then begin the maquette process. A maquette is a precise scaled model used in art pieces in order to fully communicate to the owner what the finished piece will look like, before any construction begins. No 2-dimensional drawing can ever capture every element needed to be considered in a di Giacomo feature, so the maquette is a required step in the process. Once the maquette is reviewed and approved by all parties, construction begins.



Construction of di Giacomo rocks involves two parts. The first is the manufacturing of the rocks, which happens off-site. The artisans take the approved maquette, and manufacture each piece precisely according to the maquette. The second part is the on-site construction. The on-site construction uses the maquette as the blueprint for construction and assembles the rocks on-site to the precision required to match the approved maquette. Once assembled, the rocks are colored to simulate the weathering of the rocks over time.