Rock work maquettes

When working on a maquette (precise scaled model), so much goes into the process that the general observer will probably miss.

Currently, we, at di Giacomo. are working on a maquette for a new tot pool. The design calls for rockwork along the path leading to a water slide for little ones. There are also rocks that act as retaining walls and separate space. Sure, it’s tricky determining where the rift, the grain, and the hard grain of the formations will be, but that’s not the hardest part. The hard part is designing for the audience. When creating rocks for tots, we want to create a spaces which encourage exploration, a connection to nature, and insight into nature. The spaces also can’t be intimidating, they need to be safe, and allow the parents to see their kiddos at all times – for both playful chatter and security. When a child reaches the top of the “mountain” – we want the child to be able to give an excited grin and wave to his/her mom before embarking on his/her next adventure down the slide. Rocks can’t be in the way of the play, but need to support and encourage the play

… stay tuned for finished photos of the maquette – and later on, the finished project – to see how we tackled these and other challenges.