di Giacomo – reflecting on the inspirations of great rockwork

Many of di Giacomo’s inspirations for the rock masterpieces created around the world, came from the intrigue of art and love of people. Through this blog, I’ll reflect on some of the books on the di Giacomo reading list, some referenced art, and art history. Some of these reflections will come from:

Art of the Western World – a PBS series that studies the history of Western Art,
The New Landscape in Art and Science by Gyorgy Kepes,
and Magic of Trees and Stones: Secrets of Japanese Gardening by K. Saito and S Wada.

There will be more, and I will reference them as we stumble across them.

I may be selfish, but this blog is more for myself than anyone in particular. Last week I walked through the Van Gogh exhibit in Denver, and was reminded that the great artists we know today studied other artists and studied life. I’ve read books on the di Giacomo reading list and watched the
Art of the Western World . So much of the content is valuable, yet quickly forgotten. This blog is to reflect on each finding and put it in writing to encourage thought and hopefully memory. It takes more than merely reading the books and watching the series – it takes exploration. I welcome comments and dialogue as we explore art and landscape.

If you’re not familiar with the di Giacomo work I’m referring to, please visit www.digiacomoinc.com, and you will soon see that it takes a true artist to create di Giacomo formations.
I will be honest and upfront with you. I am part of the di Giacomo artistry team, so please don’t take this as self-promotion or company promotion, but merely an exploration of art and thoughts. The underlying goal of di Giacomo is to change the quality of life for mankind. As Vincent Van Gogh stated, “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”
Let the reflection and studying of art and life begin.