Albany Medical Center Rooftop Rocks

Project Name: Albany Medical Center

Client Need: Pressley & Associates designed a new rooftop garden for the Albany Medical Center expansion in Albany, NY. The design called for some larger landscape boulders, however, due to weight constraints on the structure, natural boulders were not the best option.

Solution: Pressley & Associates contacted Colorado Hardscapes about the possibility of designing with di Giacomo boulders. Due to past successes with the di Giacomo brand, they knew the quality would match their design intent for the space.

Results: Colorado Hardscapes created a maquette of the garden, showing the placement and size of each boulder in the garden. Upon approval, they began manufacturing the di Giacomo rocks in Colorado. When installation time came, they shipped the rocks to the site and installed them on the rooftop with their skilled di Giacomo artisans. Now the new garden graces visitors and patients as the enter the center from the parking garage and peer down at the garden from patient rooms above.